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GST Accounting & Filing Process

GST Accounting & Filing Process

GST return are documents which are filed with the GST department stating every information which is required under the law.

Filing Procedure

  • Filing of GST return is not a simple task rather it is a very complicated procedure.
  • Upload invoices before making supply
  • File GSTR 1, GSTR 2 & GSTR 3
  • Matching of Return

GST Filing Process


Documents Required

  • Prepare each and every invoice as per the GST law.
  • Further, each product shall be categorized as per the HSN code.
  • Try to maintain invoices details in a format given in the GST software.
  • Once invoices are uploaded, you can easily file the monthly returns.

Filing of Monthly Return

  • File the outward supply return in GSTR 1 before tenth of the month succeeding the said tax period
  • Details of outward supplies shall be made available to the recipient in FORM GSTR 2A.
  • Recipient shall verify, validate, modify the details relating to outward supplies and may also file details of credit or debit notes
  • Recipient shall furnish,the details of inward supplies of taxable goods and /or services in FORM GSTR - 2


Return Details Dates By whom
GSTR-1 Outward return (Details about your sales/ Supplies made during month) 10th of next month Registered person except few
GSTR-2 Inward return (Details about your purchases made during month) 15th of next month Registered person except few
GSTR-3 Month return (for cumulative records of inward and outward made during month) 20th of next month
GSTR-4 A return by Composite dealer (a person availing such service with supplies < Rs. 50 lakh) 18th of next Quarter Composite dealer only
GSTR-5 Monthly return by Non resident taxable person 13th of next month Registered non resident
GSTR-6 Monthly return by input service distributor 13th of next month Input service distributer
GSTR-7 Person who are required to deduct TDS 10th of next month Prescribed persons
GSTR-8 E-commerce market places who are required to deduct TDS 18th of next Quarter Registered person except few
GSTR-9 Annual Return 31st of next year Every Registered Person